A VSU scientist to receive a state scientific grant of 500 thousand rubles

The project of Viktor Yakhrichev, the software engineer of the Department of mechanical engineering of VSU, aimed at improving the safety of production processes based on virtual and augmented reality technologies, was included in the list of winners of the competition for the state scientific grant of the Vologda Oblast.

Virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality are technically created models of reality, the objects and subjects of which are perceived by a person through vision, hearing, smell and touch. Currently, VR/AR technologies are being developed and can be applied in almost all areas of human activity: education, science and technology, medicine, construction and architecture, marketing and advertising.

“The use of VR systems makes it possible, for example, to exclude from the process of developing a new car model such operations as creating a plasticine mock-up, converting it to full size, solving issues of ergonomics of the interior, the layout of components and assemblies of the future car. These tasks are solved by engineers and designers in a virtual space, where changes apply to a virtual prototype of a new car”, – said Viktor Yakhrichev about the relevance of the work.

These days the use of VR/AR technologies is growing rapidly. Today VR / AR contributes not only to the creation of conceptually new markets, but also to the expansion of existing ones. According to forecasts, in 2020, the market capacity of new technologies will increase from three to eighteen times compared to the last year.