Admissions for International Students

List of documents and important information for admission to VSU

How to apply

In order to apply to VSU, you must submit:

  1. Your passport (original and notarized translation into Russian, made in the territory of the Russian Federation);
  2. Your education certificate with the list of subjects and grades (the original and notarized translation into Russian, made in the territory of the Russian Federation);
  3. Eight matt photos (size 3×4 centimeters);
  4. Medical certificate (“Form 0-86y” in Russian or the original with the notarized translation into Russian, made on the territory of the Russian Federation);
  5. Vaccination certificate (vaccination against measles is obligatory);
  6. Certificate that proves your negative HIV status (in Russian or a notarized translation into Russian, made in the territory of the Russian Federation). The certificate is to be issued no longer than 3 months before application;
  7. The migration card you received at the border of the Russian Federation.

Ask our employees at the International Office where you can have your certificates translated into Russian.  

Important Information

  1. For citizens of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Estonia, and Uzbekistan the recognition of foreign education is not required under the International Agreement on mutual recognition of education;
  • If you come from a country which has no Agreement on mutual recognition of education with the Russian Federation (check out the list of countries here, you must submit a certificate of recognition of foreign education and academic credentials.  
  • The certificate can be obtained at the Main State Center for Education Evaluation “Glavekspertcentr”, 6 Leninskiy prospekt, stroenie 3, Moscow, 119049, Russia.
  • You can submit the documents either:
    • In person at the office or through your personal account on the website (scans of the translation of your passport and education certificate have to be attached). Total cost: 6500 rubles;
  • If you need a visa to enter the Russian Federation as a student, you should e-mail scans of your passport and education certificate to the International Office at no later than 45 days before your arrival in the Russian Federation.  An invitation will be sent to you, which you can use to apply for a visa at the Russian Embassy in your home country;
  • Foreign students who have the status of compatriots living abroad must provide proofs of their status. The compatriots living abroad are:
    • Citizens of the Russian Federation who permanently live outside Russia;
    • Persons and their descendants living outside the Russian Federation and belonging to the peoples historically living in the territory of the Russian Federation;
    • Persons who have made a free choice in favor of spiritual, cultural and legal ties with the Russian Federation and whose relatives in the direct ascending line previously lived in the territory of the Russian Federation, including:
  1. Persons who were citizens of the USSR, living in the states that were part of the former USSR, who received citizenship of these states or became stateless persons;
  2. Emigrants from the Russian state, the Russian Republic, the RSFSR, the USSR and the Russian Federation, who had the appropriate Russian citizenship and became citizens of foreign states or became stateless persons;
  • Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and the Republic of Tajikistan have the right to study in the Russian Federation free of charge in accordance with the Agreement of November 24, 1998 “On granting equal rights for admission to educational institutions”;
  • Upon arrival in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to get registration at the place of stay within 7 working days (for citizens of Tajikistan – 14 working days). Students, who do not live in the VSU dormitories are requested to provide their migration card and notification of registration to the International Office;
  • Foreign students staying in Russia must have health insurance. The cost of annual insurance with full medical support varies from 3000 to 5000 rubles. The International Office will help you find an insurance company with affordable prices;
  • Foreign students living in the VSU dormitories must submit the results of their fluorographic examination to the VSU medical center. Prospective students staying in the VSU dormitories have to pay 165 rubles per day.