Russian Language Courses

The Linguistic Center of VSU provides Russian courses for international students of any age and any level of proficiency in Russian from beginner to advanced. The Russian language courses are provided year-round—during the academic year (September – May) and in summer (June – August). The minimum course duration is 2 weeks during the academic year and 3 weeks during the summer period.

Upon arrival at the Vologda State University, students are given an entrance test to determine their level of proficiency in Russian. Then the students are divided into groups according to the test results, duration of their stay in Vologda, and objectives. The number of students in the group is 6 – 10 people. Individual (face-to-face) classes are also available. The classes are held 5 days a week (20 hours of study per week).

The main objective of the course is to create and develop the students’ practical Russian language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). Our courses provide practical classes in Russian Phonetics, Intonation, Vocabulary, and Grammar. Students are also given lessons in Russian Culture, Russian Society, and History of Russian Art. After finishing a course, students receive a certificate from the Vologda State University with the information about the course taken.

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced native Russian speakers. The teachers have special certificates that allow them to act as examiners at certification exams of all kinds and levels.         

Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL)

If students want to take a certified state exam, they will be charged an extra fee (the examination fee is the same throughout Russia).

  1. TORFL at all levels: A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2 (Level B1 is compulsory for entering Russian Universities);
  2. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  3. Test of Russian History and Fundamentals of Russian Legislation for obtaining residency permit, temporary residence permit, and work permit/patent.

Study program for international students and adults

Program includes: Program Duration
Russian Language course (20 academic hours/week);Dormitory or hotel accommodation;Excursions before/after classes;Transfer (airport – Vologda – airport);Course Certificate;Books.    2 – 4 weeks
Extra expenses:  
Study Visa (please consult the Russian Consulate in your home country);Flight;Meals;Public Transport.  

Test of Russian as a foreign language for State Certificate A1-C2 (if needed)

The cost of the Russian language courses may vary depending on the number of students in a group and duration. Please contact the Linguistic Center of Vologda State University for actual quotes.    

Preparatory courses for international students at VSU

If you want to study in Russia, but you are not sure of your Russian language proficiency, then you can enroll in preparatory courses at Vologda State University.

The duration of a preparatory course for international students is one academic year. Most international students can develop a good command of the Russian language within this period of time. 

The course start October 1 and ends in July with exams in the Russian language and 2-3 exams according to the major you plan to study further (for example for engineering specialties: math, physics, informatics).

The dead line for submitting documents is August 1.

Download the brochure: VSU Preparatory Course


Step 1. Submitting your documents

The following documents should be sent via e-mail to:

completed Application Form

– copy of the international passport pages (the ones with the photo, date and place of birth etc.);

– documents confirming your previous education with a transcript.

! Note Your passport must be valid for 2,5 years.

Step 2. Making an invitation

As soon as you get the confirmation your documents were accepted, you are:

– to fill in and sign the Study Agreement,

– to send the scanned copy of the Study Agreement via e-mail to:

! Note The process of making the invitation takes about 30 working days. There is NO possibility for making urgent invitations.

Step 3. Receiving an invitation and applying for visa

Your invitation will be sent directly to the Embassy/Consulate you indicated in the Application Form. Receiving the invitation alone is NOT sufficient to enter Russia. Please check the full set of the documents required for a student visa at the web site of the Consulate/ Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country.

Step 4. Confirmation of your arrival

Confirm your arrival 2 weeks before the start of the program.

If you inform the Linguistic Center managers in time, you will be included into the University database of International newcomers and provided with accommodation at the University hostel immediately upon arrival.

! Note It is very important for you to confirm your arrival in advance otherwise your enrollment and accommodation reservation will be canceled! You should arrive at least 3 days before the start of the program.


After your arrival to Vologda State University you have to pay:

  • study fee for the entire course ( 94 000 rubles)
  • accommodation fee for 3 months as minimum ( 1000 rubles/month)
  • medical insurance ( 2000 rubles/year)
  • state fee for the visa extension ( 1600 rubles)

NOTE! Being admitted to a preparatory course does not mean you have been admitted to any degree program at Vologda State University. After passing the final assessment test, you must reapply. To enter the bachelor degree you have to pass the entrance tests, they start in July. The subjects also depend on the program you choose.


(For thoses who’re planning to apply for BSc or MSc programs in Russia after the completion of the Preparatory Course)

If you plan to study in Russia after the completion of the preparatory course:

1) Please BE AWARE that by the time of your arrival in Russia both your School Certificate/Diploma and Transcript should be LEGALIZED (validated).

Legalization is the procedure of academic documents approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of your graduation and after that at the Russian Consulate. Back of your documents or their copies should be stamped by both of these establishments; there are different rules in different countries. Please, check the appropriate rules before your arrival in the Russian Federation. There are countries with which Russia has international legal acts. If your documents of education were issued in one of those countries you do not need to legalize them. You can find the official information here: or ask us about it.

2) Please BE AWARE that your School Certificate/Diploma and Transcript has to be RECOGNIZED by the Russian Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science (in abbreviated form – Rosobrnadzor).

The state fee for the recognition of foreign documents is 6500 rubles. The exceptions are the documents obtained in the countries with which Russia has international agreements about mutual recognition of document confirming the level of education or qualification. The list of international agreements you can find here: or ask us about it.

The certificate of the recognition must be obtained before you apply for the main study programs (Bachelor /Master/PhD).

! Note If your educational documents are not required to be legalized and recognized anyway your Certificate/Diploma and Transcript must to be officially translated into Russian language and notarized. You can do it in your country or here in Russia. The cost for official translation here in Russia can vary from 3000– 5000 rubles.

Preparatory courses are free for those who enroll under the government scholarship.

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