Art, Music, Athletics

University choir

The University choir is composed of approximately 30 people drawn from students and staff of the Vologda State University, as well as the general public from Vologda.

  • Conductor: Serebrennik Sergey Semenovich
  • Rehearsals: Tuesday, Thursday at 6 p.m.

The choir repertoire features a wide variety of music pieces such as Gaudeamus igitur (the World Anthem of Students), the Anthem of the Vologda State University, music of various genres, as well as spiritual music. For more information, please visit the choir’s web page:

Address: 71 Prospect Pobedy, 160000, Vologda, Russia (University building № 11)

Vocal Studio

The Vocal Studio under the direction of Mogilka Maria Andreevna has been offering singing lessons for students for more than 3 years. Singing in the Vocal Studio is a great opportunity for students to perform at concerts, music events, festivals, and music competitions.

  • Rehearsals: Monday 2:30 p.m., Saturday 12:00 p.m.

Address: 37 Prospect Pobedy, 160000, Vologda, Russia (University building №8).

Dance Studio

The Dance Studio under the direction of Olga Kuznetsova opened in October 2018. Dancing helps students develop their creative personality; it improves their physical and choreographic skills, and it teaches them to work in a team. In the Dance Studio, students learn different dancing styles and the basics of choreography. Dance is movement and movement is life.

  • Rehearsals: Monday, Thursday 7:30 p.m.

Address: 5B Zosimovskaya str., (sport complex №2), 160000, Vologda, Russia.


ETHNOclub is a creative association of VSU students which strives for preserving and recreating the folk song, music, and choreographic traditions of Russian culture. ETHNOclub members take part in historical reconstructions of traditional folk rites and rituals. For more information, please visit the ETHNOclub web page:

Address: 71 Prospect Pobedy, 160000, Vologda, Russia (University building № 11).

Intellectual Games Club

Here you can learn how to play chess, checkers, and many other games which will boost your intellectual abilities.

Head of the club: Belanov Aleksandr Nikolaevich  

Intellectual club web page:

Address: 6 S.Orlov str., (university building № 7), 160000, Vologda, Russia.

“Vikings VSU” – American Football Club

“Vikings VSU” is an American football team from Vologda.

American football has been gaining popularity over the last few years in Russia. Almost every city has a team. The main goal of every team is to qualify for the competition in the Russian Open Championship of the “American Football League.”  

Join our team if you want to test your physical abilities in a tough and intense sport like American football. You are welcome even if you have no idea how to play football! We will teach you everything! Please visit our web page for more information:

“Bulldogs VSU” – Basketball Team

The “Bulldogs” basketball team was founded in 2009. The team was drawn from eighth-year-old pupils of school № 1 in Vologda. The organizer and coach of the team was Tatyana Nikolaevna Karamysheva. Why was this name chosen for the team? In the UK, people believe that the bulldog is a noble and strong dog. The bulldogs have the qualities of a fearless fighter. The bulldog is not afraid of anyone. Young athletes need all these qualities. We believe that these will help us defeat even the strongest opponents. And besides, the team has a mascot—a bulldog named LeBron.

Ten years later some of the pupils became students of the Vologda State University. In the 2018-2019 season, the team joined the Association of Student Basketball under the name “Bulldogs VSU.”

For more information, please visit

VSU in project “Together around the Russian North»

For nearly three years the Vologda State University has been successfully participating in the grant project of the Russian Geographical Society “Together around the Russian North”. 

The co-organizers of the expedition are the Vologda Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, EMERCOM of Russia, Government of the Vologda Oblast, Educational Center – Cadet School “Korabely Prionezhya”, Arctic Rescue Training and Research Center “Vytegra”, Northern Water Problems Institute of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences and GosNIORKH named after L.S. Berg (State Research Institute of Fisheries).

In 2019, the expedition travelled through the waters of Lakes Onega and Ladoga to St. Petersburg, along the Onega and Ladoga bypass Canals, as well as the Svir’ and the Neva Rivers. The participants of the water research trip, 32 students of the Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society “Korabely Prionezhya”, visited Valaam, Kronstadt and Shlisselburg. On the gaff schooner “Onezhskaya Zhemchuzhina”, the young sailors covered 1083 kilometers of waterway within a month.

In the expedition, the participants were engaged in research: in addition to studying the water inhabitants of lakes, the children studied history.

VSU student volunteer movement

The Vologda state University is actively developing student volunteer movement. There are student construction brigades (SCB) at the Vologda State University. SCB members take part in construction of major infrastructure and industrial facilities, both in Russia and abroad.

The activists of pedagogical group “Kubik rubik” visit homes for orphans and preschool institutions, where they play games with children, organize educational activities and festive events for children.

Members of the VSU voluntary student rescue crew provide assistance to the regional rescue services in case of emergency that may happen in the territory of the Vologda Oblast. In the fall of 2019, student rescuers helped residents of the Vologda Oblast overcome the consequences of flooding.

Large-scale volunteer events are held at VSU. In December 2019, the Vologda State University hosted the student Forum “Dobroslet”, where 27 associations presented their work.

VSU students also actively participate in competitions of social projects at all levels.