VSU graduate designed a project of the university building renovation

The project of a VSU graduate, Darina Zykova, has been published on the Russian architectural web portal Archi.ru.

Darina’s project takes into account the role of the university as a “growth point” for attracting young people. The new appearance of the educational building should also be pleasant to look at for the older generation; it’ll change the environment of the neighborhood and the variety of social interactions.

The building of the Civil Engineering Institute is located among the standard buildings. The project provides for a building comprehensive renovation, and creation of open spaces and clusters for different groups of people.

“The issue of creating, maintaining and reproducing a creative community is extremely important for such a small city like Vologda. The author offers a bunch of solutions for the renovation of the environment, exhibition grounds, and the creation of a complex multifunctional object. The project is based on a broad analytical base: the author’s study of modern trends in education, analysis of the block of analogues and their economics, functioning, advantages and disadvantages. Darina’s approach to the openness of space to residents is interesting, the introduction of parametric elements, the perception of which is important for future students of engineering specialties” said the scientific supervisor of the project, Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the VSU Sergei Rybakov.