Alexander Sokolov: “The best professors teach at VSU”

These students are just starting their academic journey, but they, like all freshmen, they draw a lot of attentions to themselves. This year, the student body of Vologda State University has been replenished with talented and creative first-year students. Let’s get acquainted, shall we!

Alexander Sokolov a first-year “State and Municipal Administration” student at the Institute of Management, Economics, Law of VSU;

Group prefect;

He dreams of joining the activists of his native university.

– Alexander, why did you choose VSU?

– Vologda is my hometown, and I wanted to continue my studies here. VSU is an excellent university with the best faculty.

– Did the Unified State Exam come easy to you or did you have difficulties?

– I scored 180 points for three exams, I expected these results. I had been preparing for the State Exam during entire 11th grade. In general, I think the Unified State Exam is not a very important test in life.

– What do you expect from studying at the university?

– I want new knowledge in order to become a specialist in my field, as well as to become part of the activists of my university.

– Alexander, what advice can you give to the future applicants?

– My word of advice to them would be as follows – get a profession that you like, so that your job would only elicit positive emotions, and try to be useful to other people.