VSU volunteers receive marks of appreciation

Activists from Vologda held an action “Pirogi Rossii” (pies of Russia), dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Russia. They suggested baking pies and giving them to the volunteers and doctors who do not spare any efforts to fight the pandemic and help people.

The baked pies were handed out to representatives of the Vologda team “Molodezhka ONF”, who are helping elderly people with the delivery of food, medicine, and essential merchandise.

Another pie was given to the students of Vologda State University, who take part in the campaign “Trolley of kindness”, when each customer can donate part of their purchases to those who need help.

Pies were also given to the volunteers of the City Youth Center “Gorkom35”, who help residents of Vologda every day, and the activists who were helping organize the holidays dedicated to the Day of Russia on June 12, 2020.