Self-isolation: how international students spend their time at VSU

The spread of COVID-19 changed the daily routine of those who had come to Vologda from abroad to study. However, international students of Vologda State University do not complain. And there is no reason to complain, because they still do not have to be bored.

Rustam Mustakov, a sophomore at the Institute of Culture and Tourism, was born in Turkmenistan, but he came to Vologda from Turkey, where he had worked for some time. The rapidly developing coronavirus pandemic did not allow him to return home, so, like most international students, he is staying at the sanatorium “Polytechnic”.

“We have been living here for more than two months,” says Rustam. – Now I am preparing for exams, and in my free time I play games, hang out with friends or go for a walk. We can still be outside for only two hour. Sometimes it’s annoying. But I understand that in the current situation, we need to be more careful”.

A first year student from Tajikistan, Fatima Atajanova also agrees with Rustam. When the epidemiological situation improves and the borders are open, the girl will go to visit her family; in the meantime she is staying at the Polytechnic and studying hard.

“It is quite comfortable in here” – says Fotima. We are living in double rooms with a private bathroom, we have Wi-Fi, and three meals a day, there’s a gym here where everyone can work out… We also have a computer classroom. — I usually have free time between breakfast, lunch, and dinner: I study and sometimes work out. Now I have exams, so I spend most of my time preparing for them.”