Daniil Osipov: “Don’t be afraid to take responsibility in difficult situations”

The volunteer student rescue squad was formed on VSU students’ initiative in 2003.

The young people were concerned about problems related to safety of human life and the environment. The VSU volunteers together with professional first responders have taken part in dozens of search operations, and other emergencies.

Over the 18 years of their activity, the VSU volunteers conducted a countless number of classes for schoolchildren and students where they taught them how to give first aid, survive in the wild, and orient themselves.

Now the VSU rescue squad unites 30 students of Vologda State University. All of them are trained first responders, ready to come to the rescue at any moment.

On the eve of the Volunteer Day, the commander of the volunteer student rescue squad, a graduate student at VSU, Daniil Osipov, named the main qualities a first responder must possess.

“Any first responder must always be ready to provide assistance to injured people in case of emergency or an accident. Therefore, it is highly important to improve first aid skills. And physical fitness is also very important; we train to develop strength and practical abilities,” – said Daniil.