1641 entrants enrolled at VSU

The results of the admissions 2021 were announced in the meeting of the Academic Council of the university.

“The admissions 2021, unlike the previous ones, had some quirks. All Russian universities had to accept entrants’ applications on August 17. This year, if an application was rejected by the chosen university, entrants did not have an opportunity to apply to another university “, said Alisa Surikova, executive secretary of the admissions office at VSU.

This year, students could be enrolled without submitting the original copies of their education certificates. Universities accepted applications from entrants up to ten areas of training, it was possible to apply to five different universities. Applicants had to take three entrance tests, one of which they could choose for themselves. The entrance tests were taken remotely.

One of the ordeals for applicants and their parents was the introduction of impersonal rating lists of entrants. The entrants could identify themselves only by the social security number or a special code. The list of enrolled entrants was updated in real time on the website of the admissions office to make it easier for the applicants to see if they were accepted or not.