VSU international students got acquainted with Vologda

Drizzling rain instead of the sweltering sun, yellowish birch leaves instead of orchards, and still unfamiliar Vologda instead of hometown Tashkent.

VSU international students made a tour of the city of Vologda, where they will be studying and, possibly, working.  The rector of Vologda State University, Vyacheslav Priyatelev, was the tour guide.

Not only have the first year students got acquainted with the famous sights of Vologda, but also they learned why Vologda butter was called Parisian; who the best friends of Vologodians are;

which street is the shortest in the city.

Then the students went to the VSU House of Scientific Collaboration, where they had hot tea with buns and candies, they also took part in a quiz on their knowledge of Russia.