VSU hosted an Interregional Forum

The event was organized by the Home Policy Department of the Vologda Oblast Government and the regional Center for Youth and Civic Initiatives “Sodruzhestvo”. The event was dedicated to implementation of the State nationality policy of Russia.

Representatives of public organizations and national diasporas, international students, educators attended the meeting.

“97% of the Vologda Oblast population are Russians, the rest of the residents belong to 100 different nationalities. As of today, 17 national public associations are operating in the Vologda Oblast. Of course, we are trying to preserve our historical and cultural identity, but at the same time we are open to people of other nationalities for cooperation in the spheres of education and culture,” said Evgeny Bogomazov, Head of the Home Policy Department of the Vologda Oblast Government.  

Vyacheslav Priyatelev, Rector of VSU, was one of the speakers at the Forum.

“Vologda State University is a platform for international relations. Our international students represent a wide variety of foreign countries. For people of the older generation, it is a matter of honor to pass their experience on to the younger generation. Young people, today we are looking to you with the hope that you will become the carriers of the best traditions of our history and culture. The future of our country depends on it,” said the Rector. Currently, 162 international students from – Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Kyrgyz Republic, Egypt, Syria, Iran and Palestine study at VSU